how it works

1. You send us your photo, either digital or printed, by email or post, along with your choice of style and colours, with the help of the gallery, then choose the size you require from the price and size page.

2. We will then contact you, by email or phone, to confirm your order and to discuss your requirements in detail.

3. Next, you’ll receive a choice of options, via email or post, for your artwork in various colourways, before choosing one design for your final artwork.

4. Once you have chosen the final image, we will have a test print made, on canvas or paper, and send this to you in the post. If happy, you sign this off and return it to us and your artwork will be made and delivered to your door.

about your photo

The better the photo, the better the final artwork. If you are taking a digital photo specifically for the artwork, please set your camera to its highest quality setting.

If you are sending a photo, please ensure that the subject is reasonably large within the photo:


Please feel free to send a few photos if you are happy for us to choose the one that will work best. All photos will be treated with care and returned to you.

Every photo can be produced to either small or large, portrait or landscape: